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HOLD MY HAND removed from Youtube?

What gives? How come it's been taken off of Michael's Youtube Page?

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Thats terrible yeaah right Jetaime.

now I have to wait on the radio till any channel put it.
still don't have it Sad
xxxxhave a nice day everyone

They have been shooting the video this week, perhaps they are in the process of getting that up there. Still, it makes no sense to delete the view count when they could of just updated the video and kept it. Sigh.

I noticed this as well Sad

However you can listen to the song on this site,

just go to 'Home' and follow, it is streaming on this site.

WHAT! And I can't buy it on itunes yet!!!!! FECK OFF SONY!!!! That's NOT fair!

How am I supposed to listen to it???!!!


yyyyeessss !!!!!!!!!!!!! aawwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ... sony removed it for copyright churva !!!! anyway i still found one hold my hand vid made by a fan ... hope you too can also enjoy


<em> Things will get better if you just hold my hand Nothing can come between us if you just hold,hold my, hold, hold my, hold, <strong>HOLD MY HAND


<strong>LOVVEE IITTTT !!!!! HOLD MY HAND MICHAEL Laughing out loud

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It reached 2 million and now removed Sad(

that is terrible Sad

I was wondering the same thing! I wanted to see the view count, since last night it went over the million mark.