OK here it is with a dirty great watermark across it but whop cares its the full thing. I would have hoped the change in the website would give us these premieres first. The fans do all the work. Oh well he ho off to work I go. ENJOY.

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nice vid! would be even greater with close up shots!


This was nice, I like the video

I like the video and the song is awsome

i think, they said, one time, that they made this video one day before he died, but this is not true
it was earlier...
he looked awsome...and he danced like always! Smiling

Michael is sweet as always, i like this video.

Coool! Michael dancing on tables!


i love it!!! but why dont they show much of his face?? but it is amazing!!! Sticking out tongue
Julia x

I have not seen the full version yet.
But in the past I have seen the clips of it.

He looks so good and full here, his body and face.
Than soon the alligation of 2006 came into play.
Then you could see his body deteriate Sad

I love his outfit in this one( I always do) but his legs are full and tight pants again.

I have not seen the full version yet.
But in the past I have seen the clips of it.

I love his outfit in this one( I always do) but his legs are full and tight pants again.

I thought that was neat his fans onstage instead of him. Then he did what they do on WWE ran down the line smacking hands with the fans so cool. I miss him.

Thanks so much Loveyoumost hope the original will show Michaels face.
I did enjoy it though My fave song . He did a great job I cant wait until I buy it

Awesome! Give me one more chance!

Seeing this makes me a pretty sad. This is most probably the last short film of Michael's we'll ever have now.

But on a lighter note, it is a beautiful video. I love the thing of putting the audience on stage, that's cool. Smiling

oh, and i feel sorry for the lampsflying from the tables. he kept on kicking them...with a passion lol

he's a genius!!!! putting the audience on stage while he was performing on the floor....yet another first! omg, loved it! and i'm beginning to love his wavy hair Eye-wink

i just feel sorry that he was not able to release it while he was here.

the greatest artist ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bravo, bravo! hats off to you!

thanks for sharing. awesome!

MIXED NUTS! It isnt real. Its part MJ the rest , the part where NO FACE IS SHOWN is not MJ. Its a replicator. Hey thats' cool. Its the situation THE SYSTEM WAS PUT IN after the raid. Blame D.S. for this one. The film was in the cans. Its only the truth, the film could not replicate the man. THE MAN with the SPIRIT to say hey he was a fan. A fan of the audience, he didn't often see, but in reverse is where he wanted to be.

I've seen it yesterday.It's amazing, Michael looks great in this video.

guys chill. this is real. i know this for a fact because they released photos of him in the same video production a few years ago, in the exact same attire and setting as you see him in this video. no doubles in this one fo realz.

And they thought Breaking News was a fake? Wasn't Michael? That stage looked like the concert in Washington DC after 911 to me. Where they sang the song "What More Can I Give?"
I think they didn't show his face because it wasn't him. It looks like something put together with digital trickery.
I like the song but this is one video I am really not interested in. I think it's a total fake.

Though I do appreciate the booty shots, I would've like to his face more. This video was just a tease!!! He's still sexy!

After an artist dies, it hard to see a video that wasn't completed with the actual artist. You are always gona want more. I know I am going to feel that way about any vid that is put out of Michael. I would love to see behind the scenes footage of him being him....but you are always going to want more. I just want him here....I know it's selfish, but it's me be honest.

i wish they would've shown more of his face, i love how he sits down at the beginning when he kicks his leg and sits down slowly....aaaaahhhh....i could've just melted. Michael never ceases to amaze me. i miss him and i love him

That was my original complaint then I realised they mixed Michael vision with SOMEONE else. It was filmed in Las Vegas the day before the Las Vegas THE DAY BEFORE THE NEVERLAND raid. Notice the people sway out of time to the video.(PER KAREN FAYE'S TWITTER) IT IS MORPHED WITH. Got to see the whole thing. MICHAEL would have been pissed it was released but hey its the last video vision of the KING.


OK NOW I KNOW THAT WAS A STANDIN HALF WAY THROUGH. Do I mind though? Hmm I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.