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Is this guy related to Michael Jackson - The similarities are eerily amazing B. Howard

I undertand that Joe managed his mom. Hmmmmmm?????!

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hmm I just found this.. he must have been extremely close to the jacksons.... hmmmm MJ what were you doing about 25 years ago??? lol jk but seriously he looks/sounds/acts exactly like MJ

"How did you take the news about Michael’s death?

B. Howard: It was pretty tough. At the time I was at Havenhurst (Katherine’s home), I had spent the night over at the house, and Katherine left early in the morning without saying anything. So, I was wondering where did they go. Alejandra (Jermaine Jackson’s ex-wife) had come out with me for one of my meetings, and then everyone started calling my phone saying Michael’s in the hospital, what’s going on? Now, I’m in the meeting looking at the phone, like there is always some type of rumor going on. So, I told Alejandra to check on this and surely he was on his way to the hospital. It was odd, my heart just went to my stomach. Very odd. On the way to the hospital Alejandra was crying her eyes out, and I was just trying to be strong. As a person, I was just trying to hold it together. But, when we got to the hospital that was it."

ok something else too, when Michael was little had a gap in his teeth to the side, noticed Paris does. Blanket also has a bit of a funny gap in his teeth at the front unless it's just him losing teeth already. Seems like it's something common.....

Even if he's not actually related and it's just coincidence, this guy more than Omer has the exact same face shape. Round, with a square jaw, high cheek bones, wide smile, only slight difference is he has a wider forhead and a pronounced Adam's apple but the gap in the teeth at the front is a distraction to how similar his face shape is. He has a long neck and a very slim physique. But as I said that supermodel video, he actually randomly looked like Omer as well lol

Well...he's got what it takes: looks, talent, mannerism...
I'm going to watch his career...wishing him luck!
Thanks for sharing!

His father is Augie Johnson, not any of Jacksons. But boy spent some friendly time with Jacksons, and I guess that is where influence comes from.

This dude looks like a younger michael and even sounds like him. This guy is kind of cute.

ummmmm wow..... like just wow.. it is soo eerie the mannerisms, laugh, voice....

"His mother, Miki Howard, a successful singer/songwriter was signed to Atlantic records and collected numerous accolades throughout her career. B. Howard’s musical proficiencies were further developed through his close ties with the legendary Jackson Family. From a very young age, this influential bond has been a part of what shaped his imminent career. "

Does Joe have something to do with molding B. Howard's career?There are definite similarities;Howard could be modeling himself after Michael--a good person to model one's self after wouldn't you say?

OMG! Jawdropping!

wow he's talking about making a change, and trees and striving for excellence!!
If i didnt Know better i would think that it was Michael!
Julia x

omg he sounds so much like Michael when he talkes!! He looks alot like Thriller era Michael !
Julia x


OMG he's soooo cute Smiling and he sound a lot like our MJ <3
i doubt if he's actually related though, i mean Joe had one kid out of wedlock that he claimed so why wouldn't he claim this kid as well, esp. since he's talented...


He looks like a young Michael.

wow, he's like one of Jacksons. Talks a bit like Michael and his eyes.....

His mother is Mikki Howard. (Love Under New Management) Wow. Makes you think for sure.

um....let's just say that this is more believable than omer. omg that was weird. Even the way he talks....and mannerisms....and....his giggle is identical...