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I'm feeling a little down Michael-wise at the moment, I'm the only Moonwalker I know in my family and friend group, and I'm so different from everyone else.. Everyone else I know has someone to talk to about their idols, and whenever someone talks to me about mine, it's either to hate on them, hate on me or not at all.. It gets me down. I wish I had a friend that I saw everyday, y'know? I'm the most different person in my own little world. All my school friends are on planet one direction, planet justin beiber and planet boy band. Then there's me, planet Michael, population of one.


Many wants to believe that he was 5'11 or even taller but he was quite average or slightly above at around 5'9-5'10. Guess we can never know exactly but he had a perfectly average height. His proportions & style of clothing & shoes did make him look taller though. I thought he looked about 6ft in many concerts.

Autopsy reports said 5'9 which was very generous cause the spine elongates when we lay down for a while. So he was probably around 5'8 in his last years, he had back problems & other injuries so it's no surprise that he lost 1-2 inches.

what do you all think about that

im getting all my michaeljackson songs and ringtones down loaded to my brand new iphone right now its a 5s iphone it has ringtones like dirty diana human nature also