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Katie, I'm younger than you Eye-wink I'm 14, 15 in less than a month Laughing out loud it's great knowing that another person so close to my age loves Michael, y'know, everyone around 16 is always into other artists.. It's nice knowing that you're around that age and love Michael Smiling

right now where I am, it's 3:10pm, I just finished school, I guess that while I'm writing this, it's the middle of the night for you! Laughing out loud

I'm getting a standee of Michael from Billie Jean Smiling and the duvet cover and that, I'm not sure what it'll look like, that's a surprise for me Smiling

Happy Birthday, miciloveMJ Smiling

Happy Birthday, morckina Smiling

Happy Birthday, sexyeyes1122 Smiling

Yup, I'm from Malaysia. Smiling I got sooo excited when I learnt that Michael had came to my country during the HIStory tour!! Too bad for some reason, the full concert wasn't recorded. The recording ended right after the song Dangerous...

I wasn't even born yet in 1997... I can't think of suitable descriptions right now but it just feels super awesome that Michael once came to my country. I also found out he's the ONLY artist that had a sell-out concert in the largest stadium ! Michael's DA BEST!. Laughing out loud