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YouTube Thriller Teaser Video

January 11, 2008


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Michael Jackson is a beast of international music!
He is the greatest icon!
Unfortunately, it passed by now, but life is anyway.
I love you and congratulations for the 25th anniversary of Thriller.''

I am a big Fan of Michael Jackson, i love his songs, video and his action. it has been my dream to go to the never land ranch for like my whole life i have been dancing for 11 years now and i still and dont think will ever be as great as i hope in your very important life you have time to look at this letter but if you never see it i just want yu to kno that your the best and i love you!!!and thanks for all the years you have spent trying to entertain us people. I have already uploaded all of your new videos to my <a href="">inmotion hosting</a> tonight. i think i coverd just bout ever thing and i live in florida and yeah...soooo MY BLESSINGS AND WISHES ARE WITH YOU :]

Michael is back! I love U Michael! :*
(pozdrowienia dla fanów z Polski zosta&#322;y przyj&#281;te Eye-wink

Oh yeah..I was teased alright... wish I could have been one of those crazy fans...never got to see one of his concerts sadly...I know I haven't lived right? Oh well... I hope that Michael leaves a comment for us on this site someday...I love being loyal to him. Who's with me?!?!?!?

i'm very happy... Mike Is Back!
pozdro dla fanów z Polski ;o)

the king of pop is back

I am not very happy because this album won*t be in my town,but who asks?
The most important thing for,us,fans that we will listen another one great album from MJ Smiling

it is amazing I wish one day I will watch him face to face if it is possible.God keep him and continue to be blessing him and also protect him in all corners of his life.

I'm exited and cant wait for the release!


Janena, Moussa, Dialo and ???

i adore michael and think his music is absolutely the best ever made this man is an amazing talented artist
however why in gods name would his record compagnie want him to do this to these amazing songs who are so good in his origini
please michael let your next album be what it should be pure and just you