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August 11, 2011

Greg Phillinganes introduces another member of the team for MICHAEL JACKSON THE IMMORTAL WORLD TOUR. Check out Jory’s vintage t-shirt! For information on tour dates and tickets, please go to: http://cirk.me/qqb3YN


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thank u so much greg 4 keeping the michael jackson fans updated on the immortal tour it looks like it is gonna be a very good show cant wait 2 see how its gonna turn out i wish i can go 2 see the tribute 4 my idol that is also a great t-shirt where can i get 1?!! Smiling

Can't wait for The Immortal

Love this series so far!!!!!!! Keep it going!!!! And Jory, you are amazing! Keep up the good work and I can't wait to hear you when I go to Cirque du Soleil!!!!! And you're so pretty, too! It's not fair! Haha

Btw, I'm going to steal your shirt!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha

Greg can you wave your magic wand and get Cirque to bring 'The Immortal World Tour' to the UK? Pleeeassseee!!! <3 <3 <3

Hi, Jory! (Ms. Steinberg, hope you don't mind my calling you by first name). It's nice meeting you all. The fans appreciate it. Singing the king's music must be a feeling that almost can't be described... -The greatest girlfriend; aaawwww how sweet. (Smile). You're rocking my baby's Thriller nicely. He's the greatest entertainer; the greatest lover! My lover! (Big smile). I love the harmonious atmosphere; The teamship seen is inspiring. Michael is serious about his work; and at the same time pleasant to work with; as we all know. I would imagine writing songs with and for him. Wow. what it would be like... I really love the fact that the site is introducing you all to us. Inviting us. We look forward to more video updates; I really enjoy this website. Look forward to logging in daily. Again, it's really nice meeting you all. God bless you all. Love and peace to you and yours. Michael baby, I luv u. SO VERY MUCH. Hugging and kissing you and the kids in the spirit. Kisses..


Thanks again Greg for the info. Bdw, you're both sweet Smiling !!!!

And another thanks Gregg for introducing Jory !!! Moreover, she's wearing my T-shirt !!!!!
LOVE to you all (although I have to go and look in my closet if that T-shirt has not dissappeared !!!!) LOL !!!

And, sorry Jory, I forgot, I'm wishing you a lot of success !!!! When you guys are coming to Europe ?

I am getting more and moe excited everyday to be seeing the show very soon!