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What is your favorite Michael Jackson album?

What is your favorite Michael Jackson album?
July 06, 2013

Let us know in the comment section below! iTunes now has the new Indispensable Collection which has 8 albums including the live album from the Wembley 1988 BAD Tour concert performance. Click to order now!


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Karaoke In Style Of Michael Jackson - Black Or White

I love most of Mike's album. Even the latest "michael". "Behind the mask" is, for me, the best song of him I've heard since "you rock my world" in the "invisible" LP. But, I have to be honest : "Thriller" is the best album ever, for me and for 100 millions people who buy it in 25 years.
Respect, Michael.

Being honest I love all of them....from Got to be there to Speed Demon (Nero remix)

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I do love each song of him. From J5 to forever...

Well, my favorite album has to be Thriller because of the song PYT. I feel that it is my song and I like it. My second favorite is Invincible!!! That has great songs on it too.

HIStory - Past, Present and Future - Book I
*__* it's my love

Mine is... Off The Wall-Thriller-Bad-Dangerous-History-Blod On The Dancefloor-Invenceble-Michael.......

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