Trivia Day

March 21, 2011

What was Michael Jackson's nickname for his long time engineer Bruce Swedien?


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I recently learned that Quincy Jones nicknamed MJ "Smelly" because MJ never said bad words. When MJ had an expression, he would say "Smelly Jelly" instead. Therefore, Quincy called MJ "Smelly". However, I don't know if Bruce Sweiden called MJ with the same nickname

I think MJ used to call Bruce Swedien "The Swedish Man"-------said in the book written by bruce himself, "in the studio with Michael Jackson"

I am confused with how the question was taken. The way I understood it is what nickname Michael called Bruce, and not the other way around??? Like with Karen Faye (to the new fans who are not familiar with her, she's not just Michael's make-up, but she's actually the closest soul and friend to Michael until the very end), Michael calls her Turkle.

But either way, I don't know the answer. We all know that Michael was mostly nicknamed Applehead. Suzanne de Passe's nickname for Michael was Casper. And yes, Michael was also called Smelly. I don't know how Bruce calls him..hmmm..

I don't have Bruce Swedien's book yet, In The Studio with Michael Jackson, but I've been eyeing to buy that, maybe later this year. But yes, mixednuts312, I think you're right. I remember reading "The Swedish Man" from somewhere but forgot about it. Thanks for that.

By the way, Michael calls Teddy Riley "The Finisher".