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September 21, 2012

Can you guess how many trucks it takes to move Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour around the US?


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Hmm... I'd say like 45 or 50? Just thinking of all the different costumes and props they need to carry back and forth. Not to mention the stage itself. Smiling It cannot be a small number. I'll be shocked if it is. Smiling

By the way... this is an awesome show. I loved every moment of it when it came here. Laughing out loud

I'll say 40 trucks!!

I don't know ! How many ? Smiling

rest in peace MJ


ummmm.... 3 or may b 4 .... hex a gr8 legend !!! isnt he guyxx ?? Smiling

I think it takes 3. Mj is cool!

I think it takes 3. Mj is cool!

wow don't know but did go to the world tour in Chicago

NOPE, But I sure would like to see this come to Australia Smiling