January 20, 2010

GRAMMY® winners Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson, Carrie Underwood, and Usher will join together, along with the voice of Michael Jackson, in a moving tribute to Jackson at the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards on Sun. Jan. 31, 8 – 11:30 p.m. ET/PT. This very special GRAMMY Moment will feature the never-before-seen 3-D mini-movie for "Earth Song" that was created by Jackson as the centerpiece of his much anticipated "This Is It" tour, but was never seen by the public prior to this GRAMMY performance.

 The 3-D film was created to support the performance of "Earth Song," an original composition and a No. 1 hit for Jackson. The song has a strong theme about the future of the planet, and Jackson saw it as a unique opportunity to deliver a message to millions of people who would have seen him on tour.

"It was one of the most important portions of the concert tour to Michael and when Michael saw the film for the first time at his last rehearsal, there were tears in his eyes," according to Ken Ehrlich, GRAMMY co-Executive Producer and longtime Jackson associate, who was also at the rehearsal that night.

"This very special GRAMMY Moment will feature some of our most respected GRAMMY recipients, all of whom have a great love for Michael," added Neil Portnow, President/CEO of The Recording Academy. "This segment promises to be an emotional highlight of this year's show, and is sure to join the unique list of amazing performances for which the GRAMMY Awards have become renowned."

This special segment also represents another GRAMMY technical breakthrough in that it will be the first time a major awards show broadcasts in 3-D. The GRAMMY Awards also were the first awards show to broadcast in high definition and 5.1 surround sound (2003).

So that viewers can enjoy this unique 3-D TV experience at home, CBS and Target have partnered to provide millions of free 3-D GRAMMY Glasses. From Sunday, Jan. 24, through Sunday, Jan. 31, Target stores nationwide will exclusively offer these 3-D GRAMMY Glasses so that fans have the opportunity to see the film that was very personal to Jackson. Additionally, the audience at STAPLES Center will share the 3-D experience, wearing the same glasses as those being worn by viewers at home. 


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Bueno en realidad cada vez que me entero de algún tributo hacia Michael Jackson me emociono hasta las lágrimas, y de verdad no me queda más que agradecer a todos quienes hacen de estos tributos un acto de amor hacia Él..Y me alegra saber que aunque ya no esté fisícamente, siempre será el artista más recordado del planeta por su inigualable y maravalliso talento y por su gran y única calidad humana...Lo lamentable es que para mi es imposible asistir a eventos tan magníficos como estos ya que se realizan en un país muy lejano y yo si que estoy lejos Sad
Pero tengo el alma tranquila..Mike sabe cuanto lo he amado, lo amo y le amaré aún en mi otra vida (Claro que cada vez que hay tributos a Mike acá en mi país asisto sin duda..)
Ahora me queda decir a quienes asistan a este magnífico espectáculo y tengan la posibilidad de ver el film de EARTH SONG (que no se vió en This is it)capten el increíble y maravilloso mensaje que Mike nos quizo entregar durante toda su vida...

Michael, siempre en mi mente y más aún en mi corazón!

WOW - I'm going to CRY - I can feel the tears come right now!! WOW - This is Beautfiul what the GRAMMY will be doing to Honour our BELOVED MJ - WOW!! I'm CRYING AGAIN!! MIchael should be here with US to receive this GREAT HONOR in person and Not GONE WAY TOOO SOON!!! I will be getting my 3-D Glassess and my DVR will be set to record this SPECIAL GRAMMY TRIBUTE TO MJ!!

We LOVED Michael, Michael LOVED Us MORE, but GOD LOVED Michael MOST - RIP Mike. I LOVE and MISS YOU SO MUCH!!


Michael Jackson is the king of music!!!He deserves this and sooooo much more..Every singer in the whole world should do a tribute to MJ,because he created the music,videoclips ,dance ,etc..Everybody should bow their heads for a legend called MICHAEL JACKSON!!!We'll always love you..

I gotta see that later from you tube! It sounds so sweet and caring.. People really love you Michael<3 L.O.V.E.

Wow! Michael, how are you always around the first! You're a great artist! I'd like to see it ...


awww i can not wait to see this i know it will be amazing im going this weekend to get my glasses.. i love you more applehead and all is well through you!!!!

OMG this sound soo good Smiling im still a bit confused so will 3d glasses be available in the uk? i really hope so wouldn't want to miss it

I can't WAIT!!!

Finally it "seems" like a tribute befitting the KING is finally going to be given!!!

Thanks GOD!

Ill be getting my glasses on the 24th!

Love you MJ! Forever <3

Oh manz! I'd better stock up on tissue!