Song of the Day

March 07, 2011

"Remember The Time". Let us know where you were when you heard this song for the first time!


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Was in the car with my mom. I was like, "Is that Michael Jackson?" and she said yes. Luvvvvv the song! Luvvvvv MJ!

I was still a child I remember my mom looking at me to see my reaction.... I asked her what that sound was, I really did think it was an angel. Now I know it was.

When I first heard Remember The Time, I was 3. I knew the words already. BAW, I fell in love with Michael when I heard that song.

Love you, Michael

He's my inspiration to pursue Music, and of course I'm going to get that dream and dedicate it to him.

I was abut 8 or 9 years old when I was going through my older sisters room, when I found the 'Dangerous' cassette in her drawer. I popped it into the tape player and have been in love ever since!!!! I LOVE and MISS YOU MICHAEL!!!!!!