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Single Cover Released For "Hold My Hand"

Single Cover Released For "Hold My Hand"
November 15, 2010

Take a look at the cover art from the first single, "Hold My Hand" from the upcoming new Michael Jackson album, "Michael". "Hold My Hand" features a duet with Akon.


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I love this Cover and the song is beautiful and Mike is the Best.

I Love you so much MICHAEL.

akon did a good job... didn't do too much, just enough. this is just how all the other new michael jackson songs should sound like. and this is much better than breaking news.

I love it... I do remember hearing it when it was leaked a few yrs ago. I loved it then and even more now that Akon finished it up as Michael would've wanted. It's a beautiful song. I miss you MJ!!!! Long Live The King of Pop.

I love this!!! The melody is soothing and simply beautifull. It proves once more the genious of MJ!


This is great! When can I buy the song SONY!?

Amazing image and perfect selection! Well done! Where can we buy the CD single in the US?

that is michael,the man i love more then anyone else,i love it,i am looking forward on getting this album,breaken news sounds good too,but person that singing was over lapping michael beatiful voice,sound michael was a back up singer,instead the lead singer,like it should of been.

Yes this is SPECIAL!!!!
The arms it's an "M", i love it so much!!!!

Michael you are ART ...YOU ARE SPECIAL... YOU ARE UNIQUE...

This is what we have been waiting for, pure Michael Jackson. I love it!