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Remembering The King Of Pop

Remembering The King Of Pop
June 25, 2014

Our thoughts and prayers are with Michael's loved ones today as we remember the kind, gentle and giving spirit who generously shared his amazing artistic gifts with the world along with a limitless empathy for those in need. Time has shown that with each passing year the world's appreciation deepens not just for Michael's talent but also for his lifelong passion to spread peace, unity, love and hope across every culture and society. Michael's friendship, kindness, humor and joyful warmth will always be missed. The world is a far better place for having known him.

– John Branca & John McClain, Co-Executors of the Michael Jackson Estate


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RIP Michael you are forever missed and will never be forgotten... I love you so much the King Of Pop, and you will forever be in my heart even when my time on earth is done... L.O.V.E you more<3<3<3xxxxxx


as if it were today, I laughed, thought it was a bad joke. The news also ran television networks and radio. So I called on the international channel and saw that it was real. I collapsed into tears, could not be true. From there I not did nothing else, just watching the news. This was my worst gift; after a day of my birthday having to attend the funeral of the person who always loved and a part of my life ..
Always in my heart.
God bless you.
forever , Simone.

When I heard the news about Michael Jackson, I was crying. I won't forget the gentle soul who is still my idol for me dancing and singing to his songs, Michael Jackson.Being his 5th year of his death, I still cried day and night, upset about The King of Pop dying.I always play Michael Jackson the experience to remember Michael Jackson and never forget the songs, dances, and choreography that he did. I will always remember Michael Jackson: The King of Pop.
God bless u Michael.
#Remember Michael Jackson
#Michael Jackson love
#R.I.P Michael Jackson

I love and miss you very much Michael. I wish you were still here and still spreading the love. My thoughts and prayers go out to the MJ family. I thank God and you for letting me enjoy your music every time I listen to it. I still feel at a gigantic loss because of your passing. You were the best friend I never had. Sometimes I just want to reach for the sky and wish you would take my hand. You will always be in my heart. Thank You for everything Michael. Love Always.

My heart hurts just thinking, doing five years he's gone, love, love, love will always love you

Michael, my sweet love, falling in love with you was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. My heart is yours forever. I love you more than anything in this world.

MJ the unic dancer, singer, legend.........ect. WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL U R THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :* u r always in our minds, hearts and souls and you'll never ever be forgotten. you brought so much happiness in this world when u were here, but you also brought so much pain and sadness when u had gone... too soon . MJ fans will never forget and hate you. you'll forever be our inspiration, Love.
it's all for L.O.V.E <3

Oh my God oh, oh we celebrate five years since you've gone to heaven baby MJ. Simply, Michael you’ll forever be loved all the time! The giant MJ, you gave us everything and give us so much joy, splendor, magic in our hearts alive. Gratitude we owe you everlasting love and tell you now and any time most sincere "Wholeheartedly we Love you Michael Jackson!" & We will not ever forget KiNG MJ of our hearts! God rest your soul of rare nobility, human beauty in peace up, there in his paradise. The splendid man Michael always in our hearts! That's all from & for LOVE! <3 Long Live The King MJ! <3 Our beloved, sweet one Michael JJ always in our hearts! I'm crying... oh, oh... why? Miss you & Never forget you my twin heart Michael!

I never forgetten his kindness to the world.
He will forever be my inspiration.