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Record Store Day Tomorrow!

Record Store Day Tomorrow!
April 19, 2013

Heading to your local music shop for Record Store Day tomorrow? There’s always room for MJ in your bag!


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Wonderful Memories!!!

I told my sister and my best friend that me and you are back together now. Christy said "awwwwww" and Michelle said "Nice!!"

Oh, by the way, it's over between me and the guy from Idaho. Phew!!!

Hey. Thanks for telling me this. Me and my family went to the record store today and I got some good stuff. Smiling

OH and I just looked up the song. It's She Loves You. oh ok. . .Shows how much I know. . .lol Great song though.

I think that record store in SM where I left MJ the note in 95 was called Westside Music. I think. It was right on SM Blvd on the north side of the street and the store front was blue.

When I think of the Beatles, the first song that comes to my mind is She Loves Me yeah yeah yeah and Hey Jude.

I told my brother in law about Record Store Day. He said Oh Good. He is a huge Beatles fan. So is my Uncle Jimmy whose birthday is today. . .

I ordered one of those vintage MJ record players from Ebay and it never came. I had to file a complaint or whatever. See if I can get my money back. What a drag.

I didn't know tomorrow was Record Store Day; I thought it was just 420. That's funny bc the kids from my record store in Ann Arbor were the first to get me high. As a matter of fact, they bought me an ounce when I moved to LA. This was so long ago, I actually brought it in my carry on on the plane. . .I took weed through customs before too. . .lol Those were the days. haha