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Quote of the Day
September 24, 2013

“I don't categorize music. Music is music. They changed the word R&B to rock'n' roll. It has always been, from Fats Domino to Little Richard to Chuck Berry. How can we discriminate? It is what it is-great music, you know.”


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that is soo true and there is a lot of music out there but there only the ones that we have been raise with. but Michael Jackson is right about it and I love what he said
but some people love him that he famous but not me I love him that he cares for people like us and we will never see that man again as I can see that we love him and everything have we really see what he was go through behind doors ?
Right now Michael Jackson family is sue AEG Live for hireding dr. Murry is right they did but they don't want face up to the 1.6 Billion in the case soo we will find out today and its going on right now as we talk soo go watch it fans plz and see what is goin on

I love you MJ