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August 01, 2013

“I think [people] should really travel the world if they can. It’s the most incredible education I’ve ever had. I think it’s phenomenal. I mean just to see the different cultures of people, the different faces, to talk to people and just to learn and see.” Where are you going on your next vacation?


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When he says it is the best education in the world he is 100% right. Nothing beats direct knowledge. Love my Michael !

It must be unbelievable experience. You are lucky man. I can´t go to vacation. Much work. I know, it´s bad. Love you, Michael.

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It would be amazing if I could travel the world when I'm older.I love you MJ.Smiling <3

There are so many palces I want to go. I miss you MJ,U are best. mysite: http://www.onlyhermes.com

I have to go back to Noosa and see my family. My parents are getting old you know? And then I am going to Greece with Michelle. That is the worst bc I will have to be in charge. I hope I can handle it.

I really wish I was taking a vacation to Vegas so I could catch the awesome Michael Jackson ONE Shows!!! Thanks for posting another beautiful Michael quote. I love all of them and cherish them very much. Love you & miss you precious Michael♥♥♥♥

I don't know, but the more I want to go to california, I love you MJ