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July 25, 2013

"Once the music plays, it creates me. The instruments move me, through me, they control me. Sometimes I'm uncontrollable and it just happens – boom, boom, boom! – once it gets inside you." – Michael Jackson


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You are damn right about that Michael ! Your fans are touched by the boom boom boom once your craft begins to play. You truly move me...your music has taught me more than my own parents have..I always tell people Michael Jackson raised me. Respect my KING.

Michael was an perfect dancer.I like his dancing, his power, his action. Of course, his song is very good,too. http://www.replicawatches.uk.com

We Miss You Micheal ;(

So beautiful, that's why he will forever be the King of Dance. He could feel the music throughout his whole body and his moves matched it...he became the Music. The One and Only KING!!!
His unique style of creativity is like no other. I Love and miss you my precious Michael so very very much♥♥♥♥

aww. Michael u will always be my king of my heart and I really love u so much, and their will never be another that can ever capature my heart the way u did Michael. dear god please take care of this angel as I know this angel is so safe in your arms.

Michael was an amazing dancer. He had a great sense of rythm and when he danced he was like no other. It was like the music was controling his body.I love you MJ!!