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Quote of the Day
April 29, 2013

“I don’t sing it if I don’t mean it.” – Michael Jackson


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wow I really think that says a lot i'm really upset today because i didn't make my addition.

Nice pic of MJ. My cover page now and I love his quote for the Day! You can tell how true that is my his words, and his music and his heart! Love you MJ and Miss you! I listen to you everyday, my grandson gets jealous lol

That is a sexy picture. I downloaded it. I can't put your picture on my desktop because I get too obsessed. I have to limit the pictures and videos.

It's funny. That image is titled MichaelJacksonMJ1970. That is a little mixed up. Like I said, Michael Jackson just quit changing your mind all the time.

I know this is an old quote. Michael Jackson quit changing your mind.

So. . .you are bad and scary and threatening. And she is dangerous and invincible and Liberian. Interesting. Hmmmm. . .

that what I call a master Smiling

Love to you. MJJ

I don´t say "I love you" if it´s not real.