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February 06, 2013

"If you just went by blood, I'd have as much crane operator in me as singer. You can't measure these things." – Michael Jackson in Moonwalk. Read more in Michael’s own words. Buy your copy of the book here!


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I read that book!!

It`s good qoute man:)

michael jackson has been my #1 hero since i was 11 years old. if i had went by blood then my life wouldn't be the same. if michael wasn't here to show what was happening to the world we wouldn't even be here today. thank you michael for helping me turn my life around.!!

Right! Everyone of us is called for a mission in this world! It'snt matter for what, it's important to obey when the life calls!

I guess if you went by blood, I'd be a dentist. Yea, right. lol My hands tremble

When I was living in Gary, I was hanging out on the fence one day at 2300 Jackson St. and a security guard from the steel mill came by. I asked him what people "steel" up there if they need security. He said Toilet Paper. hmm. Then I asked him what those helmets are made of and why they don't melt. He said fiberglass.