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October 23, 2012

"I'm a person of the present, and I have to ask, 'How are things going now? What's happening now? What's going to happen in the future that could affect what has happened in the past?' (Moonwalk)


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we all ask us that question and we cant change the pass but we can change the furture with our kids and we can save the world that michael jackson wanted and we will follow him through everything and we love u michael jackson
we know that ur kids are going to do a great job saving the world and we will help them with it

I think only who has received by God the gift to be a Leader could affect on History of the world !

As always, I love everything you say, I really think we should live in the present because the past and done, the future belongs to God, I love you MJ

Each of us should ask, and the world would become better for our children.
Love you MIchael.