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September 25, 2012

“I'd like to just keep going and inspire people and try new things that haven't been done.”


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your inspiration... I love you Michael
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you are my inspiration MICHEAL and will always love you......<3

You r just the best!

Siempre MJ se ha querido superar en tu carrera y vida, y lo a logrado convirtiéndose ya en el REY DEL POP... Ha hecho cosas increíbles <3

I love him very much and always love <3 <3 he is was and will be my life!!!

I believe, this notion gives sense to life !

Michael is so sweet i will always love him Smiling

so sweet, I love you

And Michael still does and always did that. Smiling He's wonderful. Smiling

You´re doing that.
I love you.