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Question of the Day
August 27, 2013

What is your favorite part of the BAD 25 Documentary?


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I loved the whole docu, it was funny hearing about Sideah talking about Michael throwing popcorn and trying to distract her from singing. I still find it hard to watch the segments about the day he passed, I think that part is always hard to watch. It was sweet to see and hear that people around Michael (the true friends) adored him just as much as we do.

Smooth Criminal-segment. A great documentary in general. Hope they get Spike for Dangerous 25 too.

There will NEVER be another person even similar to the type of the wonderful person MJ was. Many will try, some will come close, but Michael will be a legend. Hell, he IS a legend. Happy Birthday to the King of Pop!

when he demonstrates it really is very humble and charitable, I love you Michael.

My Favorite part was when Sideah Garrett said that while she was in the booth singing with michael he kept throwing popcorn at her. Then Quincy not knowing what's going on is getting on her.

My favorite part is the behind the scenes of "The way you make me feel" when they director and crew didn't know Michael was going to sing "you knock me off of my feet now baby, whhhoooooo" Loved that part!

I don't think a person can be that talented, creative, charitable, open and accepting, naive, and sensitive and survive life unscathed. It seems the only way one´╗┐ can achieve the heights he did is to accept an accompanying downfall of similar proportions.