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July 15, 2013

How has Michael Jackson most inspired you?


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By his never-ending love, his beautiful Music, and his constant desire to make this world a better place, he inspired me to never give up, always believe in yourself, and be careful who you trust. Let your heart be your guide. Love & miss you precious Michael♥♥ Thank You for Everything!!

His voice lifted you.Just to hear him sing but your mind and soul some place else.

Michael showed me that if you have a dream you should go for it. He showed me that we should love one another and help eachother out. I love you MJ.Smiling

Baby, My next tattoo is going to be a 219. I have this big white patch of skin on my back just below my neck. It's gonna go in the middle of that. When I was little I was told it was vitiligo, but it's not. It's something else. Very rare. When I worked at The Hook Up, I met this professional boxer who had that tattoo and I really liked it. That is my stompin' grounds now. I must have a battle scar from Gary since my car took 18 bullets there you know?

I'm not gonna bother you any more tonight. Good night. I miss u a lot. the most. and more than that.

baby you know how much pop I drink. . .my dad buys cans. . .to me cans are for rich people. I get 2 liters. lol. Nothing like the fizz here. . .

baby all this bitterness in songs. . .is this supposed to be feminism. I'm over it. Luckily I have never had my heart broken.

baby I really wish you had got me a stuffed animal.

Michael inspired me by loving everybody and really showing it. Also as person and to inspire others as he did, he really inspires me as an artist and dancer with passion and soul.
........ Love ya....

you know in the 5th grade I was on the way to science camp and getting off the bus, a bigger kid said to me "kimmy you are starting to look like one of those jacksons" I was on a high all during science camp. I had my first watch at science camp in 5th grade. I felt so grown up.