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September 06, 2013

The HIStory Tour kicked off on September 7, 1996. Did you know that Michael’s gold outfit from the HIStory tour was designed by Gianni Versace? Happy Fashion Week, New York!


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I love this gold outfit. You know you are so sexy:-)

oh my god baby. last night after I had vomited and had cold sweats and my head was hurting so bad. . .Carlos wife has this house so clean you smell like all kinds of perfumes and candles and sprays and fabric softeners etc. It was irritating my headache so bad because everything smelled too clean. You know what I 'm saying. Oh god it was the worst. You know, one of my nicknames is Stinky so all this cleanliness was making me so sick. The sheets and blankets everything smelled like strong perfume. oh God.

Baby remember that sweatshirt and sweatpants you had that were XXXL? It was so fun being in that with you. I could sleep like that every night. I miss you.

Hey I just watched Captain Eo on youtube. I'm gonna get an outfit like Hooter and wear it for you next time I see you. Just like that.

Baby Carlos just walked in on me changing my clothes. Last week, Amir saw me topless too. Am I making you jealous? Well come on then!

MJ I want to be your white girl. I am an expert at it. Most white girls probably don't even know what that means.

Looking good plenty tight
Tell me is there any more room for me
In those jeans
Really thick like I like it
Tell me
is there any more room for me
In those jeans
Looking tasty really scrumptious
Tell me is there any more room for me
In those jeans