Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day
September 27, 2011

Check out MJ on the cover of Video Games & Computer Entertainment magazine!


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I love you forever Michael, you are my hero my all !!

I have never played any video game but I love watching Moonwalker DVD. i love Michael more and I love MJ most!

hihi! I love that!

He looks so charming Laughing out loud

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Urgent message to all Michael Jackson fans. Do not buy Katy Perry's new song 'The one that got away' on itunes. She said she was going to break Michael Jackson's record on Billboard. Let's protect Michael Jackson's legacy by not letting Katy Perry break his music records on Billboard. She does not deserve to break Michael's music records because she cannot sing live or write her own music.

Cool photo it is awsome

Lovely Michaeeeeeel... <3 <3 <3