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June 02, 2011

Check out this photo from the Bad video shoot!

Michael Jackson Bad Video Shoot

Sam Emerson


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I've always preferred the major MJ but there's no doubting the fact that he was pretty darn "hot" during the BAD era. Thanks for the lovely pic!

I've always liked the mature MJ best, but there's no doubt he was pretty darn "hot" in the BAD era. Love it, thanks!

Omg I lov this pic he is so hot in this pic I love it

Michael is so HOT in this picture, the first time I saw it I wanted to kiss him!!!!!!!


Michael was a musical genius, and such a generous person. He really looks cute in that photo from Bad. I love watching him dance! It saddens me when I think about how the media treated him, he deserved better! I love all of his music and videos. His music will live forever.

Your my favourite pop star forever.

Michael Jackson is one of my favourite music star of all others.You rest in peace and we all will take your music forever.

Michael had a BIG heart. he will always be remembered. and omg i love his hair. he's so gorgeous. Smiling

What a winner!!