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New Michael Jackson Song "Breaking News"

November 08, 2010

Announcing the world premiere of "Breaking News", a new song from Michael Jackson's MICHAEL. "Breaking News," a never heard before song by Michael that appears on the new album, was recorded in New Jersey in 2007 and recently brought to completion.




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I'm a fan, but i don't think sony would risk a move like that, too much money involved, and your all prob comparing him to when he was singing at 20-30 years old, voices do change, which is why his is alot softer compared to his other albums, even on 'this is it' dvd, he's singing softly so he doesn't strain his voice, i just think someone's taking a rumor, and ran away with it :/ either way, i love the album Smiling


To be honest, I think it is very stupid of us to talk and argue about this. Let's just enjoy what has been put out for us and stop this silly argument over what we do not know. Come on guys Smiling!

F cuk you and your fake track. i will never forget this and i'll never let it go. i can't believe you did this to us. i hate how this has been brushed away like it never happened. Breaking News on the Michael Jackson CD is fake. It's fake fake fake fake. sung by jason malachi. so is Keep Your Head Up and Monster. I will say it today and I'll say it forever. If you don't believe it, go listen to jason malachi's songs on youtube--if you can still find any, since he's been mysteriously silent since this CD dropped.

I don't say this as a conspiracy theorist or a hater. I say this as someone who listens to michael jackson every single day of her life. I love michael more than almost anything--he's my boy. Simply the best. i may not be an expert in much, but i guarantee you i'm an expert in michael jackson's voice. and you can't fool us--there's no way on god's green earth this is his voice. It's not his voice "edited" or (here's your favorite word) "processed". It's just not his voice. period. You can fool casual fans, but you will never EVER get these past those of us who are intimately familiar with MJ's voice.

So again, i say F CUK YOU and i hope michael haunts your ass from the grave. though i'm sure he has better things to do.
Love you michael Smiling

wish they had left him alone now everyone misses him if you give michael back i'll no longer let people mess with him and pick on him if i can help it.we'll gicve you jessie j and lady gaga.http://www.techresourcestaffing.com