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Need the perfect summer t-shirt?

Need the perfect summer t-shirt?
July 17, 2013

Need the perfect summer t-shirt? How about this addition from the collection at the Michael Jackson store.

Check out the Michael Jackson "SIDEWALK" T-SHIRT in the official Michael Jackson Store.


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Anyways baby. I can't stay up all night talking to you tonight bc I have to be up at 830. We are going on a glass bottom boat tour tomorrow. There are 5 shipwrecks off the shore here. I guess this is a big scuba area. The coolest thing? A drawbridge is going to go up so our boat can get through. !!! Super cool. Talk to you tomorrow. <3

It's close to midnight, baby

I love the t-shirt.Smiling

What I really would like is some MJ panties. Tupac has panties. . .

So, I decided that I'm going to be a good sport and buy the t shirt anyways as a nightshirt. XL right? I go to the store and the damn t shirt is sold out. I'm all these people are a bunch of idiots advertising a t shirt that isn't even in stock. . .Get it together people. And why hasn't there been a post about the Bad25 dvd. Do you know how long I"ve been wondering when this is coming out? How late am I? Well, you'll be happy to know I ordered the MIchael t shirt in XL and the dvd. There. You happy?

I'm not going to wear a boy's shirt. Can't you put this on a girl's t shirt? Most people who are gonna wear a MJ t shirt are gonna be girls. Handle that please.