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MyThrillerVideo Launches!

March 10, 2008

Legacy Recordings
is proud to present the first ever opportunity for YOU to star in greatest music video of all time: Michael Jackson's Thriller!

As part of the album's worldwide 25th anniversary celebration, Michael Jackson and Epic/Legacy Recordings have partnered with innovative media company Big Stage and YouTube to bring this landmark entertainment experience to the world.

To create your own, personalized, Thriller video, simply go to You will be instructed to take three pictures of yourself using a digital camera and upload them to through the website. Then Big Stage's proprietary technology will automatically map the contours of your face to generate an incredibly accurate replica of you, and automatically insert you into into Michael Jackson's original Thriller video, now with you as the star. Your video will be posted on YouTube, so you can share with your friends, post to your blog or Facebook page, and more!


Comments (20)

dude thats just creepy XD and hillarious Lol

This video made my day.Thanks for all the business partners whom involved in this video experience.

This One Finally Was Done OMG I Freaked when I Saw this Wooohooo....This Me Transferred to Michael Sticking out tongue

sounds like fun for whoever wants to participate. Good idea!

I loaded my pics and I looked like CRAP but mehhh XD
thanks guys! =D

definitely don't know how i posted that twice..well now I have
3 comments. I'm gonna stop now. Laughing out loud

up to what date can you upload pictures..
is there like a week or what?

up to what date can you upload pictures..
is there like a week or what?

Heeee heeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Owwwwww!!!!!

I Just Added My Pics I'm In This Is Gonna Be So Much Fun:D