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Michael Jackson's VISION Has Arrived!

Michael Jackson's VISION Has Arrived!
November 22, 2010

Michael Jackson's VISION captures the entire spectrum of Michael's pioneering short films that transformed the entertainment industry with timeless, pop culture classics that today's youth embrace with as much passion as their parents did a generation earlier. Packaged as a Deluxe Edition boxed set, this 3 DVD set contains more than 4 1/2 hours of content, including 42 videos, 10 of which were previously unavailable on DVD, PLUS the previously unreleased video for "One More Chance," as well as a full color 60 page book packed with rare behind-the-scenes photos. AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE TODAY!

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Comments (68)

I ordered the New Album. When can I receive my Vision? I am in China mainland.

Well, I enjoyed watching Vision, though the quality was uneven. Some portions look great (Scream, Earth Song, in particular). Sound is good. I think they could have included more extras on the third disc. We would have loved some behind the scenes or "making of" the various videos. I guess we'll have to keep watching these on youtube.

What I want to know is: SONY, WHY AREN"T YOU PROMOTING ALL THESE MJ items? I've seen virtually nothing in weekly US advertisements (Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.) to promote Vision, the Experience game, or the upcoming album. Are you ashamed of your products, or just not familiar with marketing techniques? PLease, do your best for Michael! His legacy deserves it!

Friday-evenig I watched the DVD's, but: great disappointment! All the things written here are true: poor quality, both of audio as of image! On the first 2 dvd's the sound is not synchronised with the images!!!! I will never watch those DVD's again and it really was a waste of my good money. Although it's MJ we're talking about, Sony has given us a poor product. What a shame! MJ would never have put such a poor product on the market....

I love it. I really like the little introductions before each video. The Quality is very good & the sound is fantastic. Anyone who says otherwise is full of it! Don’t listen to the "I hate Sony fans" they try to sabotage everything. As for the black box around the videos, my remote has a button to expand the screen, by by black box. Buy it you will enjoy it. The only knock against it is the fact that it doesn’t have the full version of Ghosts or Captain EO. Not a huge deal because I already have them on DVD anyway, but it just seems like a no brainer to have included them. Some behind the scenes bonus material like the making of the videos would have been nice & interviews with the directors.

We have seen all the short films and for us quality is not so bad compared to other DVD. The only discordant note is the short version of Ghost...however, we think that it's fantastic for a MJ's fan have the entire collection of His video clips.

With L.O.V.E.

The quality is very bad, espeacially the sound. I´m very disappointed and regret buying it.
How can they not includ Ghost and we are the world?

I have just watched my copy of Vision dvds and i really do not think that the quality is that bad as i have seen from the other fans's feedback. Especially in Black and White, in Give in to me and in They don't care about us the quality is great and also the dound is perfect. In Black and White i saw details and heard dance sounds that i thought they didn't even existed. So i have to agree with another fan about stopping this negative attitude to the quality of the clips. In the end i don't really think that i would like to watch the legendary clips of Bad and Thriller or any other clip from the 80s with the 2010 technology. It would destroy the whole atmosphere of the era that we so much loved. Even when Michael was alive did not try to do any modifications. Instead he tried to create a new 3d version of them as we saw in This is it movie. Just think that these clips were produced almost 30 years ago when dvds did not exist and the recording standards were completely irrelevant to todays. So please let's be realistic and not destroy what Michael created in a lifetime. I really do not think that Sony would ever do anything diminishing to the work of the world's number 1 artist. It would be too stupid and disrespectful. Overall, i enjoyed watching every minute of it and i think that for a true fan this is a must have. Michael may be gone but his magical presence and music genius can survive through any kind of album or dvd no matter the quality.
True love can never die and MJ put his very soul in every clip. Every single clip was done with great love that can be felt even by a blind.
We miss him greatly cause without him here even music sounds different.
Love you Michael forever......


Personally, I think that we should not expect that these MJ releases will be at its best as the past releases when Michael was still here. We must understand and always remind ourselves that Michael is not here anymore to approve these projects. In all honesty and truthfulness, I don't really expect a lot from the Estate and Sony, of course, because they are NOT GENIUS like Michael. They definitely cannot make a Michael project like how Michael did. And I can see that they are doing their best, and instead of criticizing it negatively, all I feel is I appreciate it. How could I criticize it when all along I know it would not be as good as how Michael did his projects. It will NEVER be as good as Michael's, please remind yourselves that.

I hope we can all just be thankful and happy for what they can give us with the best they could. I'm sorry but I'm just tired of all the negativity. Though I understand the negative comments because it only means we care for Michael and how he works with his projects. But we can not expect these projects to be perfect as Michael would've wanted because Michael is not here anymore. I think the Vision DVD is great, the way the Estate and Sony presented it on this boxed set. They did their best, right? They are not genius and as creative as Michael, but they did their best right? Let's just wait for their future Michael releases and who knows, everything that we all look for will be released in the following years. If not, then let's be content with what they can give us. After all, it's only 2010. We still have 7 years to wait for their other projects.

It's all good. And it's all for love.

Thank you, Michael. I love you..

I pre-ordered Michael Jackson's Vision October 18th, received it on November 24th, LOVE IT <3 <3 <3, I think that the quality is perfect and includes a beautiful booklet that contains pictures of the filming of many of the short films. The DVD's are presented in a box which contains holograms of many of the videos and when you tilt the box back and forth the videos move, it's the cooliest thing ever, I just can't stop playing with it. I was not expecting to read so many negative comments. I myself have NO complaints, it's much easier to have at my disposal all the videos in two DVD's instead of pulling out my Moonwalker to watch Speed Demon or Come Together, or my Dangerous DVD to watch Give In To Me, everything is contained within these two DVD's which includes the playlist it pick the specific videos you want to view and you also have the choice to watch the videos randomly. I'm finally have Say Say Say, on DVD. I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to receiving my pre-ordered Breaking News CD and T-shirt. I will cherish all of my Michael Jackson treasures for as long as I live,<3 <3 <3 you Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson for all that you are.