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Michael Jackson On XM Radio

March 03, 2008

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of "Thriller," XM Radio has launched the first and only 24/7 channel dedicated to the music of pop icon Michael Jackson and here's your chance to check it out for free with a special 14 day online trial offer. Go to www.xmradio.com/xmoffer for more information.


Comments (7)

I love it. it constantly plays Michael

I am new to XM radio, I just subscribed and I am now listening, I am sure I have all the songs with me already Eye-wink Additionally I think there are some interviews on this channel I just heard a very brief interview.

Nice work! I hope this channel stays forever…

I am definitely looking for that. Michael rocks, my KING!!!

play**** no videos (i mean)

i wish i could go up on there and sign up for the free 14 day trial. but my computer thing is dial up and won't pay no videos. Sad

awesome!! Laughing out loud

awesome!! Laughing out loud