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Michael Jackson One 'A Triumph' - Financial Times Review

Michael Jackson One 'A Triumph' - Financial Times Review
July 08, 2013

Congratulations to the cast and crew on the premiere of Michael Jackson ONE on June 29th. Check out what the Financial Times had to say!


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I want to be the reason for all this spectacle
The smile of joy. Kiss!...

I read this article when it first came out and just read it again; worth it. I noticed the author states that the performance of "They Don't Care About Us" and "Earth Song" were a bit heavy-handed and moralistic. I, for one, am glad they've been included in the show since they are two of my favorites and, according to testimony by Kenny Ortega, they were two of Michael's favorites as well. And, of course, I want to see Michael's hologram....not only to see Michael, but because of the technological aspect....sounds totally awesome!

Youknow, I have drunk like a half a bottle of vodka and smoked 3 bowls (sativa, though), I have to be super drunk if I'm gonna fall asleep in Christy and Bill's bed. Oh the worst. Che is on NY time right now. This is awful. I just hope he helps himself to coffee in the morning. Oh , I set up the coffee pot before bed EVERY night. . . . I am so awake. And this Janelle Monet is long as f***. JC, I want to chill it out soon. . .

Baby, you know I always been the big girl. I am older than all of my friends. Funny, being the youngest. Well, Amir is older than me. But he's f***ing old as f***. . .lol

Yeah, I'm sure. These people dont' get it. That's fine. I don't mind that. But I had to write to you today, baby bc Ali Babu Che is here passed out on my bed and I am still listening to his songs. Right now, Janelle Monet is playing. It's alright. I can hear it. I'm so drunk and high right now I'm not sure how tolerable this will be on 1 when I am sitting in here with the door closed on a normal evening. It's on my recommend list, though and I will give it another shot. I like it. Any ways, Che is here one of my closest comrades and as you may know my Michael Jackson buddie who instantly became one of my best friends in the world. Let me tell you how much he loves me. Bryan punched him in the stomach once and when B and I broke up, Christy called Ali and said He's gone, please call her now. . . and he instantly forgave me and went forward with me as my friend since. That is a close friend huh? Anyways, we get a lot of Michael Jackson off our chests when we are together and although he may not have been there in 2010 when we were in bed together until I moved to Gary, he understands it better than any one else. Not because he loves MJ too,, but because he is just deep anyways. He is the most brilliant person I have ever been acquainted with and I am so lucky to have so much in common with him. Well, here we are. Smiling

Kimmy Moore;
There is nothing sad about this show. Its very upbeat and happy and showcases Miichael's genius in an amazing way.The entire crew and staff of cirque do him proud. You will love it!!!

I saw this show July l. It was phenomenal!!! The 90 minutes flew by!!! There is not one number I did not love. But man in the mirror made everyone in the audience gasp!!! Awesome!!! I intend to see it again next May.

I have to see this soon

I have a feeling this will be very difficult for me to see. Probably not ready for that.