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Michael Jackson Inducted Into Apollo Walk Of Fame in NYC

May 12, 2010

Michael Jackson is apart of the first class of entertainers to be honored with stars on a new Walk Of Fame site outside of New York's Apollo Theatre.

Along with the King of Pop Michael Jackson, others to be honored will be The Godfather of Soul James Brown, Quincy Jones, Patti LaBelle, Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Aretha Franklin , Little Richard and Ella Fitzgerald.

The plaques were installed this week for everyone except Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin. Jackson and Franklin's plaques will be unveiled in June with the Gala Benefit.

Each year at the non-profit Theater's Spring Gala Benefit, legendary musicians, artists, and entertainers whose path to fame included the Apollo are inducted into the Apollo Legends Hall of Fame.

The Apollo theater is celebrating its 75th anniversary year.


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Michael you deserve this and much much more. It just makes me sad to think that more people didn't give you the love, recognition and praise whilst you were alive. You have been with me through, almost,my entire life.....I was also born in1958.....and my first memories of you as a child are of listening to "I'll be there" and "Ben" on the radio. Then, I danced to "Off The Wall" in discos in my early 20s! I've followed you and listened through the years, and my daughter bought tickets for us both to see you in "This Is It" at the 02. I have cried so many tears these past 10 months, however I have also become a stronger more determined person, thanks to you Michael. I am determined that your message of love, L.O.V.E. and caring for the planet and our children will be a priority. May God bless and care for your dear children Michael. You will always be with me through your music, your beautiful poetry and your truly loving soul. I love you most Michael.xxxxx

You deserve it and much more!!!!!!!! I'm waiting on the National Michael Jackson Holiday; they need to make it happen. You are missed.

"You Rock My World"

I'm BEYOND THRILLED for our BELOVED MJ of this GREAT HONOR of being inducted to the APPOLLO HALL OF FAME and it's happening on My B-day June 14th! Michael would BE SO HAPPY and PROUD OF THIS HONOR!!


I'll see you in LA on June 25, 2010!!


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king of my heart <3

<3<3 Miss you MJ <3<3
Sad :(

I miss you MJ Sad

Congrads Michael Noone deserves it more than you!!!
My name is Ryan Johnson I am a Michael Jackson Tribute artist from PA. After the passing of our hero i was unsure if I would perform again, Because of the sadness I felt and I know u all felt. After 7 months I figured I can begin performing but for the right reasons and that reason being for "The Love Of It". I didnt want to come back and start capitalizing on Michael like everyone else is doing, So what I decided to do is a run of benefit shows called "Remember The Time" in which the shows would benefit, Theaters that give children 4-18 a place to showcase there talents, Performing Art Theaters stuggling with todays economic crisis and to end the run on June 25 with a benefit show called Cry Around The World a "White Glove Affair" to celebrate the life of the King Of Music. This show I want to donate all proceeds to a Hospital designed for children with Autisum. I think after that I will have Michaels blessing and approval to start performing as Michael full time keeping his music and messages alive. If you have any questions or want to know more about me my website is listed below feel free to contact me. Untill then lotz of love to my MJJ Family hope to meet you soon http://mjlivesthrume.yolasite.com/ .

You really deserve this !!!
I also missed you now for almost a year, and the 25th of June won't be a very happy day for me !!!! I will be thinking of you, my dearest friend. I know you since you were 14 and just can't forget you !
Why are you "Out of my Life" ? Although I feel you're still here, very close to me ! I love you my darling and I will never stop loving you ! And forever is a long, long time, but not too long for me !
Love you Michael and if you can, please come back !!!!
It's all for L.O.V.E. !!!