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November 09, 2011

If you missed the performance from MICHAEL JACKSON THE IMMORTAL WORLD TOUR on “Dancing With The Stars” last night, watch it and let us know what you think.


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I loved the light-up outfits in the billie jean segment, and the aerialists. They were amazing! Smiling

Just now watched it!!!! I saw a guy(i think it was a guy:)) with 1 leg. And suprisingly, he was a gr8 dancer! I miss Michael sooooo much:( Even though MJ wasn't in it, u could still feel his presence in all the dancers. Probably my fav part was when those dudes did the lean, so cool. The best things about Mike was his being a humanitarian. Every tour he did, every city he visited, he went to the childrens hospitals to visit the children. When they finished making Thriller, they listened to all of it, and they said it sucked. Michael especially said that. So he borrowed someone's bike and rode down to the school. While he was there, he watched the children play. He got inspired, & now it sounds like it does. Also, he was the best at everything. Whoever said that nobody's perfect, they haven't met Michael Jackson. But, to wrap this up, the performance was amazing, & I soooo wish I could see the tour live & to see the fan fest. Cause for me, it's hard to find people & fans who love Michael as much as me. Miss U 4ever. I pray 4 u, your kids, & your family. Ciao!

And again, why only in the USA ? There are more fans all over the world who would like to see and comment !

oh man i missed it Sad but i can watch it now thanx michaeljackson.com!i wonder if they killed it representing those moves they used in the immortal show i already know it was good i mean they danced there butts off perfoming in the immortal show i bet they killed it on stage!

I meant to mention it in my with my earlier comment; THEY GOT OOOFFFF!!!! Every single one of you up there!!! (Shotout to the dancers; (everyone involved), EXCELLENT JOB! You represent Michael with high honor; showing the viewers what dancing is all about). Just like what Mike does. I just know that Michael is VERY well pleased with you all. The whole crew of Immortal, too. I Kept rolling the remote back to see it again. I must have seen it about 7 times. And will be seeing it again. Every step was punctuated with brilliance/exclamation point! From the performances to the outfits. And I love how the outfits glow in the dark. The whole performance was superb! Everyone who seen it know what I'm talking about. I am very impressed and I mean it. Michael, baby they really compliment you. The gentleman on the sticks doing the "breakdance", the Lean, the Billie Jean routines.the Skip from Bad- (I love that skip).- and the arialists, when he held on to her with his feet- wow. They really did their thing. Baby, you've taught us that, in whatever we do, to always do it better than the last time. To keep it fresh as though beingi done for the very first time. This is what I constanty see with Immortal. You also inspire us to be authentic, I gotta tell you, the passion, the energy their love and devotion to you is unmistakeably authentic. I bet Prince, Paris and Blanket love it. I am so proud of them. Baby I can't tell you how proud of you I am. I love you so, so very much. You are my man, my hubby! (Smile); my lover, my honey;. My one and only now and forever. I luv u sweetheart. Hugging you and the kids/family in the spirit. Kisses.