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August 10, 2011

In Episode 2 of our series, Greg introduces you to Kevin Antunes, the Musical Designer for Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour and you get to learn about his job on the show! For information on tour dates and tickets, please go to:


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is so very nice i waith see the show and i like so very much... thank you so much

Love your partner too Gregg ! Send him my greetings and a lot of LOVE too. Only a pitty I live in Europe and can't see the show !

I got tix for this show back in February and for the Fanfest the week they came out. I CAN'T WAIT to go. I never got to see Michael in concert so this is PRECIOUS to me. I am driving 10 hrs from Santa Fe to Las Vegas and am counting the days until December. I love you, Michael, and wish I could tell you how much the world misses you. Bless you, sweet angel.....

OMG!!! I so want to see this show. You guys over in LA are so lucky that you are going to be one of the first!! What I would give!! Thank you, thank you, thank you once again Greg for doing this for us....although whether I should be thanking you for teasing us I dont know! Lol!

Awesome! This show sounds very exciting!

MJ is the best but telling people MJ's masters are in his basement was not such a good idea

Hi Greg, 10x for finding time to share with us, what's going on music preparation, for "MICHAEL JACKSON THE IMMORTAL WORLD TOUR". It's a great idea, especially for those who can't be there Smiling
Thanks again Greg & Kevin Antunes.

P.S. As for Mr. Antunes keeping MJ treasures on lock; I know that' right. I'm not mad atcha'. That's having MJ's back. Michael, I luv you; I've got your back too, babe. Again, Thanks MJ site for sharing with us. Michael, I'm Hugging you and the kids in the splrit. Kisses.

These guys are so funny. (Smile). You know that Mr. Antunes/partner know their stuff to be working with anything Michael.J. Michael enjoys a good sense of humor; as he has one. How awesome it would be working with him. Thank you MJ site for sharing with us the genuis behind what will be a phenominal event. Thank you for introducing us to the talents involved and the future updates, It's like personally feeling a part, Another facet of Michael, my baby. Michael, Iluv u. Hugging and kissing you and the kids in the spirit, Kisses.

The more I learn about The Immortal Tour, the more I want to be at the Fan Fest in Las Vegas. I really want to make it come true!