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Magazine cover of the day

Magazine cover of the day
November 09, 2011

Here's MJ on the cover of Billboard Magazine's November 2001 issue. Which MJ single was riding high on the Billboard charts when this cover ran?


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i already know as soon as i read it is YOU ROCK MY WORDi just luv that song michael is just so smooth and bad with the ladies he is just dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!i luv the full version those r 1 of my short films that i just luv from michael he was just such a bad boy/gansta in that video luv u michael!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you Michael you are my truly inspiration !!!

You Rock My World♥


...does anybody remember an album called BEN? by golly, seems as if it never existed and even I have it so clear in my one ever talk about it. Well that's the one I like bestest of alls

Which MJ single was riding high on the Billboard charts when this cover ran? YOU ROCK MY WORLD.

King MJ with his sexy eyes; that sexy smile; that adorable face; He is the sexiest man ever! His facial expessions blow me away. My guess for the question is You Rock My World. I really love the whole album. My top very most favorites of Invincible are You Rock My World, Whatever Happens, Butterflies, Break of Dawn,You Are My Lfe and Cry. I really feel that this album should have gotten much more credit thanwhat is was given. Michael, you really do rock my world. I will never walk away. I love you too much. You're the kind of man worth waiting for; there is no other. I am so thankful to God for allowing me to see inside of your heart. So much beauty. And I could never thank you enough for your love and all that you have taught me. You didn't even know that you had done all of that for me. I still learn from your example of love suga'. Truly caring about others. I really feel as though I've known you from even before God formed the earth. As though you're my male twin; as strange as it sounds. We fit together like a hand in glove. (Smile). I yearn for your love; your touch, your kiss... I can still feel the majic ofwhen your hand touched mine. The sexy look in your eyes... As usual, I could go on AND on... In closing for now babe, I love you. There is no other. There never will be. My love is for you and you only. I luv u sweetheart. Hugging you and the kids in the spirit. Kisses.


loveeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuu