Just Added: Michael Jackson’s One More Chance Video (full video) | The Official Michael Jackson Site

Just Added: Michael Jackson’s One More Chance Video (full video)

Just Added: Michael Jackson’s One More Chance Video (full video)
November 19, 2010

Shot primarily in Las Vegas in 2003, this unfinished video for "One More Chance" was to be the official video for the R. Kelly penned single from the Number Ones collection. Prior to the video being shelved, Michael Jackson approved this cut and stored the original source materials in his personal archive. Previously unreleased and never before seen in its entirety, "One More Chance" captures Michael Jackson's distinct magic as a performer.


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that video is as nce as the song.but i can barely see mj's face in that video.Don't u think?

I am so amazed at this video... Michael has done it again by showing us that he truly is the King of Pop. Everything about this video is awesome. I love it and you will be missed.

OM goodness I'm crying, this man braught happeness into my life through his music when I was a child when there wasn't non. I loved Michael as if he were a close family member.

i love him...i miss his smile...he is beautiful in every way. i want to cry

BTW, NO one can copy the moves of MJ, he is it! NO one can do anything, like he did, he was a genious, oops, and his moves were the bomb, that no one will ever be able to copy!

This is really cute- LOVED it!

Gez, makes me cry! I surely miss you Michael, and I have never stopped loving you, and never will! You were taken from us all too soon, and no one will ever replace YOU! You are right, Dawn, many of us, as me, have grown up with Michael, and he is a part of our life, then, now, and forever! If only God, would bring you back to us, it would be such a wonderful miracle, that I would love to see before I die! I miss you so much, my heart still hurts with pain and much love! I hope you and Elivs are doing great together, my two loves of my life! YOU are always in my heart and soul, not to mention my mind and body, and your music in always around me! I truely pray for your return to many who loved and adored you, especially me, and your family! God bless you greatly for all you have done for us all! I love you MJ, and I will miss you forever!

I loove this, great song.
I always preferred his curly hair though :\ like in Dangerous/History & This Is It

Oh my...I'm lost for words..This is amazing!!! god bless you Michael!! ;')