Join the Michael Jackson Estate in wishing Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffet our collective good thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

May 10, 2013

We look forward to his rejoining the Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour band and seeing him back behind the drums! Get well soon Jonathan!


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Picture this you and me on a date would that make you feel better lol could show you around Vegas
we could talk for hours about drumming and music, about my book, go for a
drink get something to eat I have sent you an email check your site JC

PS there isn't a night that goes by I don't watch "This is it" Michael could sing, dance, and control his band all at the same time, now that's talent, making it to the show in vegas will be a blast I am up here in Winnemucca, NV working as a bartender/manager for a legal Brothel, fun, fun.... John check your site for an email from me Jerianne

I am coming to the Michael One show in Vegas I am so looking forward in seeing you play
so I hope that your feeling better now. Lets Jam lol,

The Lord will help you, and will bless you, come back soon. I love you MJ

Please tell me what happened to Jonathan

Please tell me what happened to Jonathan

Oh you wanna know something funny? Remember when I was gonna move to Idaho? Well I was dressed for work one day and my brother in law said "They don't wear black in Idaho." We laughed.

Hey you know I have connections at NASA. Real high up. Plus with you being Michael Jackson and everything, maybe we could get married on the space station. That would be awesome. I think the world would like to see Michael Jackson moonwalk for real We could honeymoon on the moon. Cool huh. Let's do that.

A small studio size cabin on Lake Avalon is about 60K. That's a small price to pay for heaven. Let's do it. It would be fun. I'll pay the utilities. You pay the car insurance. We split groceries and entertainment. Ok great. See you there.

Sending you good energy for a speedy recovery, Jonathan!