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Friendly Friday

Friendly Friday
April 26, 2013

Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury


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I love you anyway, too much like the Freddie Mercury

I finally put a pillow in my MJ pillow case and my sister got her hands on him first. She was hugging it saying Ohhh Michael. I laughed. But that's the thing. People don't understand that you're mine and they need to keep their hands off you.

You are such a rockstar Michael Jackson. It looks so good on you. Be careful though. That's a dirty business.

Maybe you had 3 glasses of punch and there was no garbage can.

I wonder why you are holding a stack of paper cups in your hand. Looks like those little bathroom ones.

I like you hair off your face.

Hey baby. I love your hair in this shot. You know I tried on some aviators the other Day at Sunglass Hut. I liked the Maui Jim ones the best. They are 279 and then I would have to switch the lenses out. So, I'm gonna have to check out my eye doctor's office, bc I have insurance. I really love those though. They look great on you but so do Wayfarers. Well, have a great day. xoxoxoxoxoxo I miss you.