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Friendly Friday

Friendly Friday
August 09, 2013

Dick Clark and Michael Jackson


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Our Peter Pan is in heaven.... Neverland now is real.. if you care... pray for him...


He Is Gone.

Listen to my song people... is just a little tribute for the biggest artist on earth.

Thank You!

To a98andrea, thank you so much for saying that, it sure made my day. Thank You! Have a great weekend ok, and keep Michaeling....♪ Take care, Carmen

Yes, I agree with everything you said ForeverMichaelFan!!!!

love you MJ

Oh baby, my gorgeous Michael during his magnificent BAD Tour wearing one of my all-time favorite outfits - love the jacket, shirt, pants, leather leg belt, all those buckles OMG! - ...takes my breath away every time!! Dick Clark was an amazing man, always had lots of respect for him. He was one of those few people who truly was a Friend to Michael. I Love and miss you always Precious Michael♥♥♥