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Friendly Friday

Friendly Friday
July 26, 2013

Michael Jackson and Mr. T!


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I don't see

This picture is so cute.Smiling

Oh, I had named the baby tiger Friend-Z.

So anyways, here is a funny story. On Valentine's Day 1998 (I left LA for good on St Patrick's Day), I saw a cat in the tree outside my window. It was a huge window. The cat was gorgeous, calico but mostly orange and black. I swore it was a midget tiger. So, I called the fire department to come rescue the cat. It was probably about 6 months old, so rather a kitten. The fireman got the cat out of the tree and asked me if I wanted it. I said sure! So I brought it inside. It was so fiesty, ran fast all over the studio and wouldn't stop moving. And it bit constantly biting if you could catch it. Let's say it was a wild cat. So I had it for about a month and it scared Chloe to death (Jilla's cat I adopted when she died, now is C&B's cat). Anyways, I thought it was a conspiracy and that you left that cat there for me because it looked like a tiger.

I spent the 300 dollars Mom gave me on MJ stuff from ebay. The funny thing is that I still owe her 960 on the Bad jacket. That's pretty funny.

When you came out with Pepsi, I really thought it was a conspiracy. Really. My mom is obsessed with Pepsi and I mean everything. This was long before you were.

OMG I just found Mrs. Michael Jackson panties on ebay. They have already sold some. REALLY!!!!!!??

I just won a Victory Tour Satin Jacket. Brand new with tags. . .I'm not sure how much yet. I'm talking to the seller bc the auction ended before she answered my email. It's a L. So excited.