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Friendly Friday

Friendly Friday
July 19, 2013

Woody Allen and Michael Jackson


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I love it.Smiling

In September before this all happened, his son and his buddy had burgalurized my apartment. Stole 2 computers and all my jewelry. 2009. What a year. I mean seriously I was slowly deteriorating. . .You should hear about Valentine's Day 2010.

one more thing I forgot about that night. I had called the cops from Pauls phone as he was supposedly chasing the bad guy. After I hung up, a call came thru to Pauls phone from my phone. How could I forget to tell you that.

Baby, I've done my time and I have paid the price.

welll what I forgot to say is that he grabbed the plastic handbag and snapped the strap which was over my shoulder.

Aww cute <3

Hey wanna hear the story about when I got jumped in Lansing? So Kimmy approaches building purse in tow and no laptop. Kimmy heads up stairs. Guy calls Kimmy's name. Kimmy had 200 dollars in her purse. Kimmy turns around and then starts walking forward faster up the stairs. Bad guy runs up behind Kimmy and grabs her around her waist and chest. He's grabbing me. I was at Paul's house. (boyfriend). I'm all in my head. . . who am I here to see?? Ugn I choke out. . PAUL. A few seconds pass and the bad guy keeps holding on, just holding on. Paul comes running down the stairs his drunk ass carrying a plastic sword. I swear to God this is true. So Paul is standing there with his sword and the bad guy is hugging on me from behind. I'm all Hey the bad guy has me. Paul says what are you gonna do? I said What are you gonna do? In a split second I yelled out FIFTY NINE NINETY NINE> The bad guy was hip to this and grabbed my cheap hand bag and ran. . I swear to God It was like a movie. I was laughing and in shock at the same time. The police came and there was a mob. I stayed upstairs. The phone company wouldn't ping my phone so, the detective was talking to me and Paul comes running up the stairs pulls me askide and is asking me where in my purse the 200 dollars was in. I'm all you have got to be kidding me. This was 12/3/09 He had just paid me back a 200 dollar loan that morning. As long as I survive this is pure action adventure comedy to me.

oh how I love his hands