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Friendly Friday
July 12, 2013

Flavor Flav and Michael Jackson


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speaking of sad sad situations, I'm listening to Elton John now. . .ha

Baby, Che has a little job now, even though he never has to work in his life again. I don't know if you know this, but his BF from high school had assisted suicide in (OR 2 years ago) from cancer. He was with her the last year of her life. Well, being that he is so close to the family, he was hired for 6K a month, by the family to oversee the visits of her sister (who is mental) with her son. He has to fly to Boulder every other weekend for this. He is there right now. ( These people are so filthy rich, the husband got 15 million in the divorce. Much more than he tried to settle for.) It's a sad sad situation. Che is truly a hero. Treating his dad too who is in NY with parkinsons. He is the ultimate caregiver. He is so giving and loving. We love you so much and you keep us afloat. muah

Oh, one more comment for the fans. Spotify is cool, but I have cheapo laptop with not good speakers. Going from spotify to itunes is incredible. ITUNES HAS SUCH BETTER SOUND QUALITY, even on cheap speakers. I can't wait to get the new collection. Real good sound quality. Spotify is quantity, not quality. I prefer to buy my music. It's worth 999 a month though, for sure.

One more thing, very important today. Che texted me and asked me what I was doing. I said listening to spotify (which he got me in to last week) and talking to MJ. He texted back and said to tell you hi and PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR TRAYVON. We love you MJ. Be his angel.

anyways baby. I know how you are kinda a lightweight and prefer chick drinks. I want to suggest a girl beer I think you will like. It's called Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy. Made in WI. Not sure where it's available. . .It's lemon honey flavor. Baby you gotta try this. And I don't even like beer, but I don't have any weed. I'll be in Detroit this weekend, so I can get high. yay

You know on June 25, it felt perfectly right calling you Daddy. How suitable that someone asked me that. They really couldn't have called a better fan for that.

Baby, I fell asleep in the sun. baby, you know how you inspired me. I used to say Michael jackson raised me. We spend so much time together. I can't imagine who I would be without the influence of the jacksons. That would probably be a whole nother Kimmy, probably more a carbon copy of my big sister. The Jacksons created Kimmy just as much as my family did. EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING> and I am pretty f***ing awesome, so it was a real good thing. The Jacksons were made to do this for kids. And they were always so conscientious of this and did a real good job of being role models for kids like me. LOVE ALWAYS. I was a latch key kid you know?

I talked to MJ about this some more and he really isn't as pissed as I am becuase he's over it. But he did state that these people are a bunch of dumbf***s. Great . Thanks . Fix it before it's a problem next time.

Definition of dispensable: not necessary; able to be thrown away
Synonyms: disposable, excessive, expendable, minor, needless, nonessential, removable, superfluous, trivial, unimportant, unnecessary, unrequired, useless

Yes, they put an IN in front, but do they realize that this word is still included in the title. It's basically like saying the UNTRASH collection. Do they not know anything about psychology? Seriously

No, really. I'm pretty pissed that such a collection would end up with such a bad title. Now how long did a bunch of suits have to sit around the table to agree on this? I'm very pissed and I also talked to MJ about it; he doesn't like it either.