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Friendly Friday

Friendly Friday
July 05, 2013

L.L. Cool J. and Michael Jackson


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One more thing for today baby. Jordan described the contact juggling as MOONWALKING/ANILLUSION. I'm all like totally.

Oh baby, one more thing. I bought this awesome belt last night. It is so Michael Jackson. it is big circle gold links (really chingly really cheap) and every other link has a colored jewel on it. It's on elastic so its really cool. Kinda like the belt you wore on Dangerous, but girly.

Well, I wore my shades all night bc I was going for the rock star look. We met at this awesome little bar in the back of a diner. It was so 70s and moody. Black naugahide walls and booths. Super cool. For like the first 20 minutes I was there was silent and then someone put on Thriller on the juke box. Well Jordan really liked the Slash performance on the MTV awards, I learned. He had some nice things to say about MJ. Then we came back to my house after a couple drinks (I had a shot and a bloody mary which he bought me). At my house we smoked 4 bowls. Then once he got high, he got to more talking.
A difference in hanging with a white person is that all the Black people in his stories are identified as Black. With Black people, is the opposite. Well, he said that the Black manager only got his job bc he's Black. Isn't that just typical for a white person to say? I was just like, oh I thought he was cool for a second. . .
Well, we went back to the bar and got cheese fries. Met up with Sean. He and his girl friend were so messed up. She was tap dancing in the alley to an old 70 something year old hippie's guitar and Sean was selling weed out of his back pack. Interesting. They were so wasted they were tippy.
Then I drove Jordan home which was far. He should have just told me where he lived, cuz he directed me in a big circle. I had a headache and just couldn;t wait to get him out of my car. he talks way too much and the sound of his voice was grating on my nerves.

Interesting. At least now I have a cool spot to take Ali to this week. Smiling Now you know. . .

Well, we didn't get through the night without a racist statement. See I told you. I did learn about this:

Michael I love you

Jordan just called me. He and Sean are going to hook up their sack. (I'm glad they didn't ask me to do that.) Then I am meeting them near 4th or 5th. This is gonna be funny. It's like 2 20 something hippies. lol Should be fun. I hope we don't talk shop all night. That would be the worst.