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Friendly Friday

Friendly Friday
June 21, 2013

Michael Jackson and Jon Bon Jovi


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I have a question. I don't live in a good area for radio. I don't listen to it any way. I was wondering if the new songs on the Bad 25 cd got or are getting airplay. I'm not sure. I don't read Billboard either. So what's up with that?

oh, and don't be scared of the floor being plastic. That's what's so cool about Michael Jackson. He dances like the floor is slippery.

Hey baby. I just had this great idea to redecorate your dance studio. So we close off all the windows. Imagine metallic silver paint -- the entire room. Door too. Then, all the walls, floor and ceiling are completely covered in crystals. (it could probably be cut glass). Of course, on the floor there is a plastic cover so you can dance on a flat surface. The mirrors can be where ever you want or need them; they will be perfect in there. DIsco lights. Perfect. What do you think? I say we do it.

So anyways, my nephew Noah (9years old very cute) was at Video Technology camp at the tv station this past week. He and the kids made a video that is going to be on tv in September. Isn't that cool? Anyways, he came home doing a zombie moonwalk and the kids were doing the Thriller dance at camp today. how cute. I'm sure this is happening every where and I love it. muah

2 guys with beautiful hair. <3

love youuuuuuuuu.