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Did you Watch Glee Last Night?

Did you Watch Glee Last Night?
February 01, 2012

Who watched the MJ episode of Glee last night? Which Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour stop did the cast talk about going to see?


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it was amazing Sticking out tongue i enjoyed every minute of it. My favorite was I just can't stop Lovin you Hopefully we'll here more of michael when Michael 2 comes out Sticking out tongue

i had 2 watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!as soon as i heard about glee doing a show about michael i just couldnt miss it!!!!!!!!!!!i think they were talking about the immortal tour stopping in ohio i am not to sure about it good job glee!!!!!!!

Of course i watched it!!!!!!!!! I give it 2 thumbs up:) I loved it soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though i kinda h8 GLEE, i loved how much they knew Michael & how much effort they used 2 put 2gether the whole thing:) They were very goooood!!!! R.I.P. Michael!!!!! We will very much miss u 4ever!! P.S. The best part was when they did "Smooth Criminal" on cello!!!! SOO COOL

Yes, I did. I never watch this show, to tell the truth. However, I thought this episode was amazing. My favorite songs were: Scream, totally awesome, what with the costume reproduction, the spaceships, etc. and I was at fanfest in
Dec. and actually sat on Michael's Scream bench. Also, 2 cellos performing smooth Criminal with the cast members and Black and White was so true to MJ's short film, as he referred to them.The ending where the cast members morphed ...wow,oh wow!!!This episode showed such true love for Michael and respect and a true grasp of what his messages for us were all about.4 stars and two thumbs up to this. RIP MICHAEL, I L.O.V.E. yOU FOREVER!!!!

cinncinati, ohio

P.S. I would definately have said YES! For me, TRUE LOVE is the greatest accomplishment that one could have in life. There would be no second guessing; under no circumstances. Shotout to Glee; very nice tribute to Michael. God bless.

I did see it, I admit, I saw it this morning. Missed it last night. I too thought that it was really good. A very nice tribute to Michael. The cast was talking about seeing Immortal in Columbus Ohio. Michael, baby, I thought that there were alot of great messages in this one episode. Please forgive me, I don't know all of the names in the cast. I loved how they started with Wanna Be Startin' Something, performed Bad, Scream, Never Can Say Good-Bye, Ben and oh, how the young man proposed to his lady singing I Just Can't Stop Loving You. Babe how I would have loved for it to be you talking to me. And thee PERFECT song; which happens to be a real top favorite of mine; number 1, tying with Hold My Hand and (I Like) The Way You Love Me. Omg how I wish it were you and me<3. I was blown away. Sweetheart I thought it was so beautiful. I actually pictured you saying it to me. By the way, three months after first hearing I Just Can't stop Loving You, God blessed me with a beautiful dream of my destiny. One day, if okay, I'd like to share it. It's no doubt a night vision (dream), given by God Himself. I could go on an on about this beautiful song. I heard it last night on MJTunes. I would love to be proposed to like that, that very song; and sung to me at our wedding. wow- just blew me a-way. It's like something that you yourself would do. How I want to love you, grow with you. I keep thinking about us sharing our lives together; doing great things with the kids/family.... the last song on the show was Black or White. And young man rocked the rapp nicely. Messages about the future, about victory; about not getting even, but showing God's example. Definately how you have handled situations. I also loved how the history was shared of how Billie Jean broke down racial barriers via MTV. To see how much positive impact you have on so many must really put a smile on your face. Baby I'm so proud of you.,... You are the greatest man ever; I place only God above you. You are a wonderful and awesome many. I am so blown away by you. So inspired by you. So, so many things in my heart, that I yearn to say to you. Honey, I yearn for your love. Wishing that you were here. I want so badly to tell and show you just how much I love you so very much.... I do babe. Oh when I see you again,... <3. I'm going to close for now, but my love for you will never close. Ever. You are the love of my life. "You Are My Life, sunshine. Saving it all for you suga'. I will hold on to God's promise. Keeping the faith. I know that it will come to pass in God's perfect timing. Love will find a way. God is able. I'll definately be ready. Continuing to prepare. I luv u sweetheart; more and more every second. Very faithfully yours and only yours 4 always and 4ever. I send my love to you, AWLOHAK. Hugging you and the kids, sweethearts/the family in the spirit. Kisses.<3

Yes, I did watch the show and it was surprisingly good! I think Michael would have enjoyed it. What I particularly liked were the parts where the young people were having dilemmas and they asked themselves, "What Would Michael Jackson Do?" Smiling That was great and it showed those who don't know Michael that he was a sensible, peaceful and diplomatic person....it gave a different dimension of Michael to viewers. I liked that. The Cirque show mentioned in the program was in Ohio I think...don't remember the city; but I do recall mention of Ohio.