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Behind XSCAPE: Slave To The Rhythm

Behind XSCAPE: Slave To The Rhythm
May 05, 2014

Originally recorded during the Dangerous sessions in 1991 with L.A. Reid and Babyface, "Slave to the Rhythm" is a taut robo-pop rhythm track in which Jackson narrates a story about a woman trapped in stifling circumstances. At home and work, the protagonist is compelled to "dance" to the needs of controlling men, while her own desires are ignored. In a brief moment of respite, she escapes and "dance[s] to the beat of her own." Jackson tells her story in a passionate vocal, capped by his trademark syncopated beat-boxing

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MJ amazing as usual!!! How much expressiveness!!!
So, now you have escaped again and you're here with your great new Xscape album. We love you more! We are now escapism So always escape from the real world with your amazing voice, lyrics, film, dance! The Escaping in a place without no name!!! Senzational album!!! >
We love you MJ! <333