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25 Days of Bad! Day 5

25 Days of Bad! Day 5
September 14, 2012

MJ’s handwritten lyrics for BAD! #WhosBad


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that is so cool that i actually get to see MJ's hand written lyrics! he writes better than i do. jk. I hope one day the whole entire world get to see his beautiful hand writing. I love You, MJ

woaawww !! ;-p he had joinin writin ... ;-0

This is awesome that this is being shared on MJ's site! I had an opportunity to see these handwritten lyrics when my mom and I visited the Grammy Museum in L.A. back in December 2009. This was one of the items that was there and it was amazing to see his handwriting up close. Love ya Michael!! <3

Thank you for sharing this, this makes me truly miss him so much more.