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November 21, 2011
Epic Records in conjunction with the Estate of Michael Jackson, will release IMMORTAL – the highly anticipated musical tapestry for IMMORTAL: THE SOUNDTRACK TO MICHAEL JACKSON THE IMMORTAL WORLD TOUR BY CIRQUE DU SOLEIL. Order Now

IMMORTAL Deluxe CD + T-Shirt + Show Program
IMMORTAL Deluxe CD + T-Shirt

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i have a projectto do for school and i taught wy not michael jackson ilove him and can you help me a little bit my project wensday. help me out a little. please

This is an awesome album with all the greatest hits of the King of Pop reworked and updated Smiling
I can't stop playing it!
I am a HUGE Michael fan and always have been... but this just takes his music to the next level Laughing out loud
Can't wait to see the show... having a hard time deciding which city to best see it in! - Any suggestions welcome!

In the meantime, I have also come across these awesome limited edition Michael Jackson coat and hat racks on eBay:

What a great way to display your MJ clothing and hats! I am getting one for my lobby!

I have to buy this album for my collection

i think its amazingly beautiful like michael

This is a great album. I really like it. I think, it's a new dimension music of michael jackson.
Great job!!!! Thanks.

This is a GREAT album

I had the best apiphany for a new album MICHAEL 2
check it out

She Got It
Place with no name
Serious Effect
In the Back
Beautiful Girl
Fall Agian
Twelve O' Clock
Someone put your Hand Out

Awesome album!

love this cd

In The Song "Childhood (Immortal Version)"
spoken words are speak by Jean Walker.......
100 % sure ..... i am his fan 2

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