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Michael Jackson "Hollywood Tonight" (Video Version)

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I loved this video!

miss you
love you for ever king of pop

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Latest One

all the time ı love u my angel....

I love love love mj he is the best I'm doing a history day project on how hes made a turning point in history.

It's dancing in it(mostly Michael Jackson dancing) and other cool dance moves in this video.
I like the girl in this video when she goes down then comes up with her hands like a "S"
that was REALLY cool I thought
And her moonwalk was really good
This is another of my favorite songs and videos I like of Michael

an amazing music video

Why do they still hurt you so. Michael, I hurt for your children
because they have yo grow up in a world where respect is lost
and love is just a 4 letter word. I pray for them and this planet
called earth. I fear that the ugliness, violence and hate will destroy
us soon. You our Dear Michael tried to warn us. See you again one day
in that place where nothing exists but love.